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Brabus Unveils the All-New BRABUS 930 S — A Fusion of Power and Luxury

The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as BRABUS, the renowned German tuner, lifts the veil on its latest creation: the BRABUS 930 S. Based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance, this masterpiece is a celebration of craftsmanship, blending raw power with opulent luxury.

The heart of the BRABUS 930 S lies in its hybrid powertrain. Combining traditional combustion with cutting-edge electric drive technology, it churns out an astonishing 684 kW (930 hp) and a jaw-dropping 1,510 Nm of torque. These numbers catapult the all-wheel-drive sedan from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds—a feat typically reserved for purebred supercars. The top speed, electronically limited, stands at 290 km/h.

The BRABUS 930 S features an exposed carbon aerodynamics concept that seamlessly marries sportiness with elegance. The front spoiler with raised side flaps not only enhances the saloon’s face but also reduces lift forces on the front axle, ensuring stability at high speeds. Carbon attachments for the side air intakes optimize airflow to the radiators and front brakes. The radiator grille with exposed carbon RamAir intakes ensures optimal engine cooling.

New 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock ZM “Platinum Edition” high-tech forged wheels adorn the BRABUS 930 S. Crafted using state-of-the-art forging and CNC machining processes, these wheels are as visually striking as they are performance-oriented.

Step inside, and you’re enveloped in a complete Masterpiece interior. Black high-grade leather graces every surface, exuding elegance. The seats feature the distinctive BRABUS “Seashell Diamond” quilting pattern, complemented by black topstitching and piping.

Anodized cockpit elements in “Shadow Gray” and high-gloss sealed BRABUS Signature Carbon elements integrated into the dashboard and center console add further sophistication.

Founder Lev Tanju shares his vision: “Collaborating with Mercedes-AMG allowed us to push boundaries. The BRABUS 930 S is more than a car; it’s an expression of limitless individuality.”

Mark Breitbard, President and CEO of BRABUS, echoes the sentiment: “We’ve redefined luxury and performance. The BRABUS 930 S is a symphony of power and opulence.”

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