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Balenciaga Still Faces Ongoing Scrutiny 13 Months After Controversial Campaign

Aiming to make its return this year with the debut of its Fall 2024 collection, Balenciaga is still facing scrutiny over a year after a controversial campaign. The campaign, which featured a series of provocative images, sparked a heated debate and raised questions about the brand’s approach to marketing and representation. Now, 13 months later, we take a closer look at the ongoing fallout and examine the impact it has had on Balenciaga’s reputation and public perception.

On December 2nd, 2023, Balenciaga presented its Fall 2024 runway in Los Angeles, CA – the first time the fashion house has held a public show in months, since its whole controversial situation-thing, and fans didn’t hesitate to let the brand know, “We still kind of fucked up about last year’s campaign.”

Since the release of Balenciaga’s controversial campaign 13 months ago, the brand continues to face ongoing scrutiny from various stakeholders. The 2022 campaign, which aimed to provoke, featured models in unconventional poses and settings, often bordering on the controversial. While some praised the campaign for its artistic expression and pushing boundaries, others criticized it for being offensive and disrespectful. This initial backlash led to widespread discussions on social media platforms and in the fashion industry, prompting Balenciaga to respond to the criticism.

The fallout from Balenciaga’s controversial campaign has had a lasting impact on the brand’s reputation. Despite attempts to address the concerns raised by the public, the scrutiny has persisted. Critics argue that the brand’s responses, which included statements expressing regret and a commitment to diversity, have been insufficient. They call for tangible actions, such as increasing inclusivity in casting choices and collaborating with diverse artists and creatives.

As the conversation around representation and cultural sensitivity continues to evolve, it is crucial for luxury brands like Balenciaga to listen to the concerns of their stakeholders and take concrete actions to address them. Only by doing so can they truly rebuild trust and regain their standing in the industry.

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