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Born X Raised and Stüssy Unveil Debut Collaboration


Two iconic streetwear brands, Born X Raised and Stüssy, have joined forces to unveil their highly anticipated debut collaboration. With a shared passion for urban fashion and a rich history in the streetwear scene, this partnership promises to deliver a collection that captures the essence of both brands. The collaboration showcases the unique design aesthetics of Born X Raised and the timeless appeal of Stüssy, resulting in a truly dynamic and exciting collection for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


The Born X Raised x Stüssy collaboration is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and streetwear influences that both brands are known for. Born X Raised, a Los Angeles-based brand founded by Spanto and 2Tone in 2013, has established itself as a champion of counterculture and social commentary through its clothing. Stüssy, on the other hand, is a true pioneer in the streetwear industry, having been founded in the early 1980s and gaining a cult following for its iconic graphics and high-quality garments.


This collaboration brings together the distinctive aesthetics and visions of both brands, resulting in a collection that is both visually striking and socially relevant. The partnership draws inspiration from the diverse landscapes of Los Angeles, incorporating elements of street art, skate culture, and the vibrant urban environment into the designs. Expect to see a range of graphic tees, hoodies, jackets, and accessories, all reflecting the unmistakable style and attitude of Born X Raised and Stüssy.


The Born X Raised x Stüssy collaboration marks a significant moment in the streetwear industry, as two iconic brands come together to create a collection that showcases their shared values and creativity. This partnership is a testament to the enduring appeal and influence of streetwear fashion, which continues to evolve and push boundaries. With their debut collaboration, Born X Raised and Stüssy have created a collection that not only pays homage to their respective histories but also sets the stage for future innovative designs and collaborations. Fashion enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the unique blend of urban style, cultural references, and artistic expression that this collaboration has to offer online on August 11.

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