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Nike SB Taps-in With Crenshaw Skate Club’s Tobey McIntosh

After recently debuting official images of yet another highly anticipated collaboration, Nike SB x Crenshaw Skate Club’s Tobey McIntosh caught up with each other, to discuss the forthcoming SB Dunk, brand roots, and how a small patch of pavement in LA influenced the design of the Crenshaw Skate Club Dunk.

“I’ve always wanted to be creative and live by my own vision. Both my parents are accountants and I’d see them come home from their nine-to-five jobs and not being happy with their careers,” Tobey told Nike. “I knew early on that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be my own boss and do something for myself. I didn’t know exactly what that was, but as I got older I started to pursue my creative ideas.”

Nike SB also asked the young designer about his degree of choice at Sanford University.

“Sure, right now I’m going into my junior year and studying computer science. It’s been a very interesting journey, moving out of LA and balancing the brand and school. Freshman year… the brand stuff was more “fun” and I found myself focusing on that, but I really had to learn to balance my work and assignments. A lot of people wonder why I’m going to college when I have a brand. To me, as you grow up, life doesn’t get easier. Managing time is a big skill to have. School has really taught me that valuable time management.” “My main focus is on science and technology in society. Right now we’re focusing on if and how AI advances and how it will affect society as a whole. Speaking of current times, think about how things like social media and the digital age impact us—thinking about how we interact with each other.”

Head over to Nike SB to peep the full interview, as the Dunk Low by Crenshaw Skate Club is set to release August 5 exclusively at select skate shops.

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